We provide granite installation services throughout the Lehigh Valley area. Our Granite services include bathroom counter tops and vanities, kitchen counter tops and many other areas of your home. Upgrading existing kitchen or bathroom counter tops with granite is a great addition to add beauty and value to your home.

There is the perfect Granite style for everybody and for every situation. Granite comes in so many different colors and designs, that anyone can surely find the perfect design to match existing decor in their home. Granite also is available in multiple edge styles to add even more character and flare. Some common edges are bull nose, ogee, cove and bevel.

Granite Kitchen Counter tops

Adding granite in kitchens is one of the most common upgrades that we find in today's homes. Some people are looking to upgrade their existing counter tops to granite, while other people are remodeling their entire kitchen and request granite to complement their new cabinetry. We provide granite installation in kitchens with existing counter tops, or in kitchens that are being remodeled and currently do not have any counter tops.

Granite Bathroom Vanities

Granite is also very popular in bathrooms on vanity counter tops and on top of other cabinets or surfaces. We provide granite installation on vanities of all shapes and sizes.